A Moment

Hello, Lover, Best Friend, Sir, Daddy, Darlink. It’s officially your birthday and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge (publically[even if it is my super secret sex blog]) my deep and abiding love, respect, adoration and desire for/of you.

You’re brilliant, my love. Please don’t ever stop being you. Happy Birthday.


6 responses to “A Moment

  1. Bob Dylan’s birthday was yesterday. So please pardon my ADD-jumping, but I was reading this, and looking at the date, and the first thing that popped into my head was, “Well, that rules out Bobby D as Fatal’s Daddy.”


    :: clears throat ::

    I hope your Darlink has a lovely birthday, Fatal. I’m certain you will make *sure* of it. 😉

    • Wouldn’t that be something if Bob Dylan was my Daddy-o? =P But no. Of course, Cillian Murphy still could be! Merowr ;]

      Seemed to me he had a pretty good one. Haha.


  2. Happy Birthday to the man who inspires, creates, cradles gives and takes to then have Fatal share with all of us here. Thank you Fatal, Jayne

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