Lights, Camera, Action

How quickly an idea, a desire, takes root in my head.

My heart pounds, my lips burn, my body aches.

I turn off the lights, and lay in the dark. And wait for the dreams to come.

The dreams of a fantasy I only share with you.

Grease paint and Blood.

5 responses to “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. Girl – You are one of a kind! You allow me to see differences in sexuality with respect to variations of human sexual desires. I just had to say that because your last 4 words rattled me in such a way that made me laugh. Ultimately, I can only laugh because I have come to know you and your Sir through experiential, self aware writing from your intelligent mind. You bare your thoughts and your voice is strong just as your spirit is. I had to say this because this post could be the start of a Stephen King horror story. xo, Jayne

    • Jayne,

      You made me laugh (in a good way!) And smile. The human animal is a strange beast and comes in so many flavors. I have a flair for the dramatic, so even though the reality is probably pretty close to, just that, a horror flick (maybe torture porn? Lmao) it made me smile that it gave you a little shudder 😛

      So much love

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