Sir and Fatal Q and A

Today Sir approached me with an idea for the blog. For awhile, I’ve thought I could do with a little input from Sir on the blog, just for perspective’s sake, and today he suggested a Q and A of sorts, wherein we collect questions via comments on this post, my (brand new!) twitter account (@FatalSyndrome) for the blog and via email.

I figure I’ll collect questions for a week or so, and then together we can draft a post with my answers and his answers. I’m kind of stoked about this, so I’m hoping that my readers don’t hold back (coughHINTcough).

So this is me, both shamelessly plugging my new twitter (@FatalSyndrome) and plugging my request for questions for Sir, myself or for both of us to answer. Excuse me this week, as I’ll probably be reblogging this for bumps.

PS. Sir made a comment about dirty live tweets. I don’t know if he was serious but the thought, as he said, blew my mind. So there’s that too.

11 responses to “Sir and Fatal Q and A

  1. I want to know how far apart you are in ages. As you know I’m 9 years older than TN, so I’m always interested in that sort of thing and its challenges, if any.

    I’d also like to know what it’s like for him to read you.

  2. I’m so excited about this. I’d like to repeat my question as to why you chose to write as “Fatal”.

    I’m sure there’ll be more to come from my end 😀

  3. This is dangerously personal – hmmm I go into psychoanalysis and that I want to ask inappropriate questions Fatal – my mind just works that way but I will be restrained. This was hard! I’ve erased 2 very different questions already but here’s another.
    How did your Sir or why did your Sir choose to leave you in the room for the night and day. What was the point of that from his point of view. What went through his mind in choosing to do that? xo, J

    • Sir says: “Ask the hard ones too!”

      I don’t mind the “inappropriate” ones, Jayne. :]

      And don’t worry, he’ll still answer that one up there.


      • I lose tact when my brain starts to analyze. I can’t do that. I’ll ask as hard as I can though and still be penetrative.
        Another would be – How much of an aphrodisiac is distance and being unattainable play in your desire for Fatal?
        I have to see how revealing you really want to be to venture further. : ) Some things really are none of my business.

      • 🙂

        Gonna have to wait till the week is up to be fair. But I’m tempted, as is Sir to answer some of the questions now. I like how revealing the actual questions are, what people think about us, etc.

        J, you’ve made Sir and I both curious as to what could be too personal for a tell all sex blog.



      • The things you wouldn’t reveal, of course ; ) Your point about what people think of you being revealed in the question, or how it’s answered…that is my absolute favorite way to get to know someone’s mind or how they think. (but…Pay no attention to the woman behind this screen curtain )

      • I know what Jayne means. I wanted to ask how you two met, how often you get to see each other, what does your Sir “look like”? I describe TN loosely (icy blue eyes, pale skin, dark hair, boy next door look, bow lips), but I can recall nothing about your Sir other than he is male 😉

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