We Bare All (part 2)

Part 2, friends. :]

Read after the cut.

PS. Answering all these questions and listening to Sir’s answers made me WAY too worked up. So I’m not sure whether to say thank you or you’re welcome. haha. 2014-02-21 12.58.03

a) F: I would ask him to never make me edge/then not touch myself/etc for over a month again if I thought he’d listen! I thought I’d start humping inanimate objects by the end of it. It was pretty bad.

b) S: Too many sexy things to pick from, although anything where she gets loud gets me off real good. The sexiest thing about her? Her ravenous sensual appetite and the way she just loves her own body and the pleasures it can give her.

F: Well now, I don’t normally make Sir do anything, haha. We don’t switch. However… I love how good he is at teasing me, working me up… I love when he spanks me… and I love, love, love when he says dirty things to me/prompts me to say dirty things. What’s the sexiest thing about Sir? Fuck that’s hard. It’s… got to be his voice… and his hands… and everything else. Damn. Listen. I’ll say his voice, so I don’t go nuts talking about all the little things about him that I love or that turn me on. He really is very, very attractive and beautifully built.

2014-02-21 12.59.32

a) S: If I don’t drag the words out of her I have to beat them out of her. She’s very shy she is, but it’s cute and I like it. As far as describing her? Tiny fireball with a great ass and tits just begging to be sucked. If I don’t hold to that you’ll get a good enough description for a sketch artist to make a rendering and I don’t want to expose who she is.

b) F: I included this because I’m too lazy to crop the screen shot… but I’ve said to Sir that I don’t want to answer it. For obvious reasons that I don’t think need explaining. We’re not swingers and I’m too jealous to live.

2014-02-21 13.00.10
a) S: Try everything once, and if you liked it, add it to the list of things to do again.

F: I like this question. Our personal sexuality evolves constantly! Keeping it fresh? The first key is communication. If there is something you want to try with your partner talk it out, explore the possibility–try not to spring it on them, that rarely works out too well. Don’t rule out toys or sexy outfits. Those might seem like cliches, but vibrators can be fun for both of you, trust me.

b) F: A smirk. But also… I love him in a dress shirt and tie… he cleans up nicely and walking suit porn is always a plus.

S: I’m big into lingerie of all kinds. Fatal has some amazing legwear, not to mention her collection of mouth-watering panties.

c) F: He just kind of cackled. Imagine a Mark Hamill impression and then creep it up. 😛

2014-02-21 13.00.54

a) S: No, you can’t see unless I invite you.

F: ^^He’s the boss. But you can be sure I would wear it out before I could show it to anyone else. No more porn for me after that, ladies and gents.

b) S: Soft yet firm, pale, with pale pink nipples that harden to hard pebbles when you suckle them or tease her with a light touch. Big, certainly much more than a handful and she makes the best noise when you slap them… or pierce them with a needle.

2014-02-25 02.51.25

a) S: When she blushes she likes to hide behind her hair.

F: …I’m hiding behind my hair now.

b) S: Often and violently.

F: I love the visual marks of ownership and the lingering taste of pain.


a) F: Unf. That low… sexy growl that he gets. The way he groans right before he’s about to come is also realllllly good.

S: I have to pick one? God… that high, keening she makes just before she’s about to cum and every word comes out as a rushed, panting whine.

b) S: Needles, but I try to save it for special occasions.

c) S: Like a wet and wanton slut.

F: Glitter and magic.

2014-02-25 02.52.24

a) S: The reason I don’t write on here is because it’s her blog. The day I make my own is the day I’ll write a piece of my own.

b) S: Er… no, none of that, it’s just a nickname, a dirty one, but just a nickname, we don’t do any sort of age play.

F: I do have plushies, but they don’t figure into our sex play, and you won’t catch me sucking my thumb or anything. As for my little side… I’ve called it that before, but it’s really just when I’m feeling kind of innocent… and maybe I want to be ravished, put up a fight, etc. It’s more like roleplaying the virgin. I also like it when he calls me baby/little girl… but I don’t have a traditional “little” side, no.

c) S: She knows all of my fantasies, I usually tell her about them the moment they form in my head, or I put her through them. Some of my all time favorites though are when we get to engage in some of what I believe to be Fatal’s favorite which is the sort of domestic play that she frequently writes about here on the blog. Just watching her tip-toe around the house, doing chores in something that is supposed be just… everyday modest clothing but with the naughty lil’ things she wears underneath and the hints of it I catch when she bends over in an unguarded manner, or stretches to reach a tall shelf. It’s also very enjoyable for me because it brings out a very raunchy side of Fatal herself.

F: Do I get raunchier?

S: You do, you get all bold and brave and you really get… hmmm, like, pushy, like, you try really, really hard to get me riled and to make me spring in to action.

F: …I’m hiding behind my hair now.

3 responses to “We Bare All (part 2)

  1. I think the thing about writing sex is that your QandA became centred around it as well. Now that I think of it, I don’t think you revealed much at all. Very clever 😛 Yet, the answers were so deliciously naughty..Can’t complain, really.

    • I agree. I wasn’t surprised by the sex-related questions. I imagine I got them because people wonder how he feels (or in that one case, if he’s real). Everyone knows how I feel and what I feel, haha.

      There’s a part of me that assumed I was going to get crazy questions like: what’s your social security number? We did get the question about what I look like, but Sir is very good at being discreet while still giving a good (and blush worthy) description.

      I’m also glad we didn’t questions like: “What do you do for a living?” or things of that nature. Those are kind of sensitive questions.

      But I am glad you enjoyed the answers. It was fun.


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