Sinful Sunday: Triptych Competition

An Ode to Submission

An Ode to Submission


This week’s prompt asked us to create a Triptych: a series of 3 images, or 1 image arranged in panel form, with a common theme.
The origin of the Triptych is religious in nature, and as I’ve likened my submission to a sort of spirituality, I do believe this fits.

See who else is being sinful; follow the kiss…

Sinful Sunday

44 responses to “Sinful Sunday: Triptych Competition

  1. What stunning photographs. I love that you have chosen to publish them in black and white – the contrast of light and dark in your subject matter is just exquisite. Very different images but absolutely linked by the spiritual nature of their content. Jane xxx

  2. I can’t seem to find you on twitter? If you are on Twitter can you please tweet at me so I can add you to my list @mollysdailykiss


  3. The beauty in these images for me is that the images are really powerful, stark in the black and white, but showing the softness and submission. I love your ode to submission. x

  4. Thank you so much for coming by my place. I love your submission. Especially the rope picture since I am exceptionally curious about that, but at this point have never tried. I have a couple of the Cacique bras that I got from Ebay. We used to have one in our area but it closed several years ago.

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