Sinful Sunday: Triptych Competition

An Ode to Submission

An Ode to Submission


This week’s prompt asked us to create a Triptych: a series of 3 images, or 1 image arranged in panel form, with a common theme.
The origin of the Triptych is religious in nature, and as I’ve likened my submission to a sort of spirituality, I do believe this fits.

See who else is being sinful; follow the kiss…

Sinful Sunday

44 responses to “Sinful Sunday: Triptych Competition

  1. What stunning photographs. I love that you have chosen to publish them in black and white – the contrast of light and dark in your subject matter is just exquisite. Very different images but absolutely linked by the spiritual nature of their content. Jane xxx

  2. I can’t seem to find you on twitter? If you are on Twitter can you please tweet at me so I can add you to my list @mollysdailykiss


  3. Absolutely stunning! What a wonderful way of connecting your images, these truly are gorgeous


  4. The beauty in these images for me is that the images are really powerful, stark in the black and white, but showing the softness and submission. I love your ode to submission. x

  5. Thank you so much for coming by my place. I love your submission. Especially the rope picture since I am exceptionally curious about that, but at this point have never tried. I have a couple of the Cacique bras that I got from Ebay. We used to have one in our area but it closed several years ago.

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