TMI Tuesday: Life Or Something Like It


1. We learn from our mistakes. What sex or sexual mistakes have you made and learned from, What was the lesson learned?

I am incapable of maintaining a long term sexual relationship without developing feelings for my partner… and that’s okay, and natural, and I’m not crazy.
Sex with many strangers does not fill the void, but there’s still no need to be ashamed of one’s sexual past.

2. What risk (sexual or not) would you take if you knew you would not fail?

Abandon everything and go to work for the peace corp or go backpacking through Europe for a year, or possibly two.

3. At what time in your life have you felt most passionate and alive?

Every moment that my adrenaline has ever raced, every new place I’ve ever been, every time I realize I am more today than I was yesterday.

4. What one piece of advice about sex would you offer the virgin you?

Quantity doesn’t equal quality. You will consider simple intimacies largely overrated for years–don’t. Once you foray into BDSM you’ll never want to leave, but don’t waste your time on asshole, inexperienced D-types. Also, you’re not a Top with men, you just aren’t–you act like maybe you are for awhile, because frankly you’re afraid to give up control, that experience is invaluable, but don’t take so damn long to realize it. Don’t wait so long to well and truly open yourself up to him sexually, you’re just wasting time.

5. What are you avoiding?

Right now? Sleep.

6. By what age should you know what you want to do with your life?

“Knowing what you want to do” is something fluid. I wanted to be a Doctor for a long time. Then I realized what my true calling was. My mind is changing all the time about the path I will take to get there. Instead of trying to plan your entire life out as it lays before you… you should just try to live it.

Bonus: Do you think you’ve experienced true intimacy in a relationship?

What is intimacy? It is such an all encompassing word. It involves your sex life, your emotions, and all the quiet moments alone. It is so much, so vast. Have I ever experienced “true” intimacy? On varying levels with various people throughout my life, and not always in a romantic or sexual manner.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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