TMI Tuesday: Relationships

Hello. Welcome to TMI Tuesday. Up this week:

Can we talk… relationships?

relationship diagram

1. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you see an attractive person?

Well, hellooooo gorgeous.

2. What is your idea of a dream date? Describe the person and the type of date experience.

The person: Intelligent, Engaging, Witty, Charming, Flirtatious, Charismatic, Physically attractive (to me)

The date: Keep in mind, this certainly isn’t a first date with a new person, because first dates are never going to be dream dates or ideal dates (IMO). I’d like to take in an opera with someone who really appreciates opera like I do. Something beautiful and romantic and a little sad. This someone would have to understand how close to the surface my emotions lie, because opera always makes me cry, at least a little bit. We’d go back to my apartment and make a late dinner together, working quietly with and around each other in the kitchen, feeding each other tastes of unfinished courses. We’d eat, and chat or we could be silent if it was comfortable. We’d move to the balcony outside of my bedroom and share a bottle of wine or good, aged scotch and talk while the night grew darker, talk until there was a need to touch instead of speak, and we’d fall into bed together, and remain there until breakfast.

3. How many serious relationships have you had? Were you in love?

What’s the definition of a serious relationship? Is it judged based on length or “milestones” like moving in together or being engaged? Or is it based on feelings? In the case of the first, I’ve had two serious relationships. I’ve been engaged and I’ve lived with someone else. I have this problem of feeling very much in love when I’m in the heat of the moment, but later I generally realize that the relationship was a relationSHIT and was stupid and toxic and I wasn’t so much in love with them as I was completely entranced with them at the time.

I think I’ve been in love twice in my life. And neither the person I lived with or the person I was engaged to was one of those times. Though I do still have lingering hurts and pains and holes left in me from ex-fiance and ex-live in boyfriend… I’d rather not measure how much I love a person by how much I allowed them to hurt me. However, the two people that I have had real, honest “in love” feelings for have not hurt me… so maybe there is that.

4. How many casual sexual relationships have you had?

Too many.

5. What will ruin a relationship for you?

A relationship? Lack of communication, lack of intimacy, laziness, someone who doesn’t care about themselves or care to take care of themselves, someone who is unwilling to understand my goals/dreams/ambitions.

Bonus: What is your definition of sexy?

Judging based on my track record, I would say unavailability, be it emotional or sexual unavailability. That’s me being cynical.

But I think sexiness exists as an aura that people carry around them, it is borne of confidence and charisma and though it may have something to do with the way a person looks, I don’t think that the predominant factor in deciding a person’s sexiness is their looks.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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