Your Words Burn Me

And I will not apply a salve.
The memory is so fresh, it aches.
The words resonate through me like a bow against a string.

You can fall to pieces, I will put you back together.
Trust me.
Just… trust me. 

I do. I do.

There will never be better words to describe what it is between us, what it is that we do, what you are to me.

Your simple words, your earnest urging, a precursor to the, as you described it afterwards, intense thing that happened between us.

You can fall to pieces…

And I did. And as always, you put me back together, tiny piece by tiny piece, collected in your hands, delicate, fragile, eyes on fire with well shed tears and body trembling like a shaking little leaf in the wind. I am born again, there, in your arms.

Trust you?

You don’t even have to ask.

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