Drown Me, You Make My Heart Beat Like the Rain

He calls me Pooh in the sweetest, most endearing tone of voice. I can’t explain the complex web of emotions it brings about in me. When coupled with his beckoning me to his mouth for sweet kisses, I can barely breathe. He cups and sucks and lathes my breasts, showering them with attention. His eyes meet mine while he does and I can do little more than pant and squirm against him. He groans against my nipple and nuzzles the pale flash.

“I could spend a whole day here, just sucking and kissing and nibbling your beautiful tits,” he mumbles into my skin. 

I gasp and shiver and dig my fingers into his shoulders.

“I’m so squirmy, daddy,” I whisper.

“What should we do about that, pretty baby?”

I mumble and squirm beneath his gaze and he leans up to steal more kisses from my lips, and I can feel my heart flutter in my throat.

He nuzzles his hand between my thighs and slides two fingers inside of my slit, testing what I feel like, touching my slick inner walls.

“Put your cock there,”I whimper.

In one fluid motion I am on my back, with his hands on the backs of my thighs. He bends over to kiss me deeply while he splits me open with his cock, slowly forcing his hips deeper into the cradle of my thighs.

“Are you crying, baby?”

I am. Not nearly weeping, not sobbing. But the tears are there, forming in the corners of my eyes. They are tears of pleasure and of joy. He kisses me once more and murmurs sweet words against my lips, telling me how good my body feels, how much he’s missed this. The hot tears roll down my cheeks, unchecked by me. I am vulnerable and I am open like a book, and I am only this because I am this with him.

He leans back, sitting up straight on his knees, and pulls my ankles up to his shoulders. He turns his head and nips and nibbles my soft, freshly manicured toes. I wiggle them against his lips and giggle because it tickles. He smiles and chuckles with me as he kisses the smooth sole of my foot.

I asked him to be gentle with me today, because I wanted it. But now I am out of my mind with desire, and I need him to be a little rougher with me. He anticipates me.

His strong fingers wrap my wrists and force them above my head. Immediately my legs fall and wrap around his hips, holding him tight against me, even as he begins to slam his hips into mine. My moans become faster, louder. I love being pinioned beneath him. Being trapped beneath his body.

He kisses me savagely and I can see stars behind my eyes. His free hand presses against my throat, not applying any pressure, enough so that I know it’s there, that he’s there, that he’s in control of me, of my pleasure. He is the one who gives, openly, freely, willfully. All the pleasure I want is there, it’s everything he offers if I would just take it.

Our sex becomes urgent and he is kissing me again, and squeezing his fingertips around my delicate throat. I am forcing my hips up to his, body squeezing and spasming, holding him tight in the clutch of my cunny.

“are you going to come, baby?” his voice is dark, little more than a growl, and it sends me flying.

My body clamps down around his repeatedly and our pelvic bones are locked together, grinding against each other when he cums so deep inside of me. He never stops kissing me, even as I’m crying out of my lips and my eyes. When his hand slides away from my wrists, I cling to him like he is a lone life preserver in the middle of the deep, dark ocean. I shudder and whimper as he coos at me, as he murmurs what a good girl I am and how good it was.

I breathe deep until I am steady.

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