When I Undo My Belt, You Melt and Walk Away, With a Red, Red, Red Welt

The feel of his stubble against my cheeks makes me melt. I kiss his forehead and the tip of his nose. I nip the apple of his cheek and he growls and lets his finger tips press against my spine.

I crawl between his knees, feeling well and truly submissive, and when I am like this, I find that I am my most shy.

I cannot form dirty and devious words, but I do ask first:

“I want something.” Continue reading

A Moment

Hello, Lover, Best Friend, Sir, Daddy, Darlink. It’s officially your birthday and I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge (publically[even if it is my super secret sex blog]) my deep and abiding love, respect, adoration and desire for/of you.

You’re brilliant, my love. Please don’t ever stop being you. Happy Birthday.