The New Normal

We were talking about behavior modification. I was curious what he thought about it. Then:

“Is that why you consider yourself a Dominant rather than a Master?”

“The meanings are interchangeable.”

“No difference then?” I asked.

“I am the Master of someone, through Domination. Long term, short-term, doesn’t really matter. It’s just a title,” he said.

“But you would say there is a difference between a submissive and a slave?”

“Yes, I would.” Continue reading

It’s the Last Midnight, It’s the Last Wish

I’ve been invited by the lovely Alice to answer this questionnaire:

1. Who are you as a sexual person? This description might include labels regarding orientation, gender, or preferred behaviours, or it may not.

Trisexual female. Masochist. Submissive. Bondage enthusiast. Hypersexual (possibly a sex addict).

2. What was one of the first things you thought was sexy or an early moment you were aware of feeling sexy?

My sexual awareness and coherency started young. I have a strong memory at about 8 or 9. I was very aware that I was very turned on by this character tuxedo mask from a tv show. I retreated to my bedroom to act out my desires with my Barbies and “masturbate” (my earliest, fumbling attempts, anyway).

3. What is a sexual fantasy or experience you have yet to fulfill?

One day… I want to have sex against a balcony railing, or at the edge of a roof. Maybe I’ll get really daring and attempt it on a relatively slow night at the Empire State building observatory deck. The rush of confronting a fear with sex is nice.

4.  How open are you about your sex life and/or your sexual identities?

Sir knows every stray thought and desire. T knows… next to nothing. Family doesn’t know an inch. Friends throughout the years know that I lean toward promiscuity–I’m usually the go to girl for sex advice. But that’s really all they know.

And of course, my readers have experienced a bit of my journey.

5. What question would help us best understand what is important to you about your sexuality?

[Edited: because once I came home and really thought about it, I thought of a question.] Is there ever truly an end to an adventure?