Drown Me, You Make My Heart Beat Like the Rain

He calls me Pooh in the sweetest, most endearing tone of voice. I can’t explain the complex web of emotions it brings about in me. When coupled with his beckoning me to his mouth for sweet kisses, I can barely breathe. He cups and sucks and lathes my breasts, showering them with attention. His eyes meet mine while he does and I can do little more than pant and squirm against him. He groans against my nipple and nuzzles the pale flash.

“I could spend a whole day here, just sucking and kissing and nibbling your beautiful tits,” he mumbles into my skin.  Continue reading

Past All Thought of If or When, No Use Resisting

It is 4 am and I feel the warm cascades of sleep threatening to envelop me, but so too do I feel aroused, in need. We’ve talked all night and it’s miraculous that I’ve kept my hands to myself until now. I am feeling pliant–no, more than pliant, I am feeling subservient, submissive. How strange the subtle difference between being willing to be used and wanting to be of use. Not just to be of use. I want… pleasure. Of a kind that only he can bring. Like reading my thoughts, maybe reading the tension, reading me, suddenly warm and fidgety and doe-eyed, he speaks up first.

“What do you want, baby? Anything your sweet little heart desires.” Continue reading

Give as Good as you Get

“You see, I’ve had something on my mind, and I simply can’t… finish this conversation till I alleviate my poor brain.”

“Oh? Go for it,” he says, and I can see the hint of a smirk at the corners of his lips.

But I know he doesn’t know what I’m about to do, what’s been on my mind for days now. I fall to my knees in a kneeling position and push my way between his legs, my open palms stroke the tops of his thighs and I look up at him with a cheshire cat grin.

His eyes grow dark.

“Oh,” he murmurs.

Continue reading

TMI Tuesday: Happy Endings

Happy Endings


1. What is the best way you like to be brought to orgasm?

Penetrative sex or Oral sex.

2. What is the best way to make you orgasm quickly?

Talk dirty to me. Also, as I’ve recently learned, a Hitachi magic wand.

3. What is the typical or usual way that a lover chooses to bring you to orgasm?

Nothing is ever typical, even if it may seem that way. But I think his favorite way is to edge me to the point of insanity for awhile, and then make me beg for it on the cusp of losing it.

4. After a night of sexy play, how do you like to end the evening?

Shower/bathe together, then burrow in against him and pass out.

5. Have you ever been given a “happy ending” from a professional (e.g., Tantric massage) or at an erotic massage parlor?

I have not.

(Some of you answered a similar question April 2013)

6. Tell us about something you tried to end? Did you go cold turkey? Did you succeed? Was it a happy ending?

Hmmm, I quit one-night stands with strangers cold turkey. Successful? Yes. Happy ending? Sometimes I still have the urge for something dangerous and crazy, but spiritually, I feel more fulfilled for now.

Bonus: Do you like to give erotic “happy endings”? Tell us about your technique.

Heh. I LOVE giving surprise oral sex. Not necessarily a happy ending to a massage, but I love to spring it on him when I’m ravenous for it. Peel the trousers down and take it one gulp while I struggle and gag. It’s a happy ending for everyone.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!