TMI Tuesday: I Need You to ________

This week’s TMI Tuesday was inspired by Friday Fill-ins

tmi_fill in the blank May 13 2014 art










Fill in the blanks.

1. My favorite month is October because autumn, pumpkin everything (yea, I’m that girl), it starts getting cold but it is a crisp kind of cold (the perfect kind of cold), Halloween, fashion.

2. You came in like a fresh breeze.

3. I love a good secret–unless it’s being kept from me.

4. Fresh watermelon is what I like to have as a treat for breakfast but your waiting mouth is what I want for dessert.

5. The hobby I enjoy most is sex. Is that a hobby? No, but seriously.

6. Dorothy has an orgy, oh my!

7. I understand what a danger you are to my sanity. Does it make me insane that I don’t care?

8. Your Private thoughts consume me. I want to know what you’re thinking when you’re inside of my body. I want to know the way it tastes, the way it feels, the way your heart races and you lose your mind. I want to feel your control slip away.

Bonus: What is it? Explain how you would use it.

It looked like something to do with menstruation or virginity to me. Reverse google image search says that it’s a tool for faking your virginity. It is helpful in places where the Virginity myth/fetish is still prevalent. The need for it is sad. And though I don’t necessarily “get” the physical practicality of being with a virgin girl, I sort of understand the mental fetishization, the reinforcement of the archetypal male and female characterizations. Someone with a fetish for gender normative bias probably really benefits from this sort of thing.

That’s not a criticism, if you don’t read me often, you probably wouldn’t guess, but I’ve got a STRONG gender normative bias for my sex partners. I love, love, love a “manly man” that makes me feel like a “girly girl.” And I love hot, feminine women.

I have no problem with people who don’t self-identify as gender normative. I love them all for who they are, but my sexual buttons are pushed by male and female archetypes.

Wow. That got off topic quick, huh?



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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Sinful Sunday: Triptych Competition

An Ode to Submission

An Ode to Submission


This week’s prompt asked us to create a Triptych: a series of 3 images, or 1 image arranged in panel form, with a common theme.
The origin of the Triptych is religious in nature, and as I’ve likened my submission to a sort of spirituality, I do believe this fits.

See who else is being sinful; follow the kiss…

Sinful Sunday