TMI Tuesday: Even More Odds and Ends


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1. What do you collect?

I know I’ve answered this before, but I cannot remember what I answered, and that’s okay! Because I collect quite a few things. So a few more things I collect: vinyl, postcards, shoes, Harley Quinn and Joker memorabilia, and recently: mosquito bites -.-

2. What do you do for fun?

I watch movies, I go out with friends and drink and dance, I travel, and various other activities.

3. Name a place that’s fun for you to visit but you wouldn’t want to live there.

I loved visiting London but I don’t think I’d want to live there in spite of loving big cities.

4. Do you believe in revenge?

I understand both the concept and the desire, however, I believe more in Karma.

5. Do you believe in forgiveness and do you forgive and forget?

Forgiveness is the hardest thing I’ve learned. And I can forgive now, however… I never forget.

6. Are you religious? spiritual? Atheist?

As the product of a house of warring and vastly different doctrines/beliefs, one of which being devout Roman Catholicism, I often say that I am a recovering Catholic. Spiritual pragmatist, Syncretic Agnostic, and deeply confused and disillusioned are all good terms that describe my personal belief system as well. I should mention that I am also highly critical of organized religion, specifically when it worms its way into politics or government processes. However, I’ve also been studying religion for years and I find it fascinating.

Overall… I have a very complex relationship with religion.

Bonus: What’s your routine every night just before you go to sleep?

If I don’t pass out first… I usually drink a glass of water, wash my face, brush my hair, brush my teeth, change into something comfortable/get naked, masturbate/get  fucked and then tuck in with music on or a movie on.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!