TMI Tuesday: Fill My ______

This week’s TMI Tuesday was adapted from Friday Fill-ins.

fill in the blank tmi

Fill in the blanks below with whatever comes to mind first or is sexy or crazy. Have fun!

1. For me, it was _____ .


2. _____ at my local supermarket.

Fuck me

3. Behind the tree _____ .

he strips my panties down my thighs and plunges his cock inside of me. His hand is over my mouth, but I’m sure it does nothing to muffle my moans. His eyes are on me and behind me. He watches the guests, flitting ever nearer to our hiding place. I can feel his heart race, and it matches the taste of mine in my throat.

4. _____ is something I always wanted to do.

Travel far and wide. See Spain and the South of France… build an igloo in Scandinavia. See the Northern lights and shade my eyes from the sun in the middle of the night. Taste fresh wine-quality grapes in Napoli and sample the chocolate in Belgium. Run through the greenest fields in Ireland and stand next to the Great Pyramids at Giza.

5. When it was over, _____ .

it felt as though it had just began.

6. Tonight I’m looking forward to _____ .

Touching my pussy for the first time in a week.

Bonus: What is it? Explain how you would use it.


Really don’t know what it is. Looks sexual. Or like a microscope of some kind. I’m really horny. Inexplicably, insanely, unbelievably horny right now… and it’s vaguely phallic shaped. So I’d fuck it. I hope no one is surprised by this.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

So I Bought a Wahl

What is a Wahl you might ask? heh.

The Wahl is a powerful all body massager–quite like the Hitachi Magic Wand. I bought the Wahl on a whim because of the amazing review Epiphora gave it.

Let me give you the Cons of this toy first.

It can be loud, but it’s not hard to make it quiet. There’s some rattling metal inside, and I haven’t been arsed to open it up and fix it yet, but I might. It’s clunky and doesn’t look appealing. However, I should note that it’s a lot smaller than it looks on the box.

That’s it. That’s all the cons.

The point of this post isn’t necessarily to gush (haha) about the Wahl, but I am going to tell you the main three reasons I am happy I made this purchase, and why you should probably make the purchase too.

1) Affordability. As Epiphora noted HOLY FUCKING SHIT. It’s 15 dollars on Amazon and has free shipping if you’re a Prime member (PS, if you use amazon even moderately, why aren’t you a Prime member?)

2) It’s powerful. Not really sure if it’s as powerful as the Hitachi, haven’t looked, don’t care. It is powerful without numbing your clit/whole pubic area like my beloved Hitachi does. It also has a generous cord (8.5 feet) and attachments. Surprisingly, I like that the head weighs more than the arm of the toy, it lends for an extra pressure on my clit.

3) This is probably the most important reason: 2014-04-15 01.48.53

I love my Hitachi. I really do. BUT listen. THIS spot applicator is the greatest thing EVER. And I know you can get attachments for the Hitachi and I’ve just been lazy about upgrading mine… but this spot applicator comes with the Wahl, and guess what? It’s the perfect size to pin-point all of that deep vibration goodness right into your clit. No numbness. No awkward, big head. Just straight clit action. It makes me squirt easier than the Hitachi. I was shocked. Also, please ignore my second grade finger drawing skills. Thanks.


So I bought the Wahl. My recent twitter addiction demanded that I both announce my decision to buy it and my thoughts after first using it. Let me back track a little bit here. I told Twitter about my imminent buying plans, about my first orgasm–all fine and good. But… you know who I didn’t tell?



I bought a toy, used a toy for the first time (PS, we were texting WHILE I was using the toy), told the world about it, and then didn’t tell Sir. It’s not that I was hiding it from him–I did have eventual plans about telling him or maybe just showing it to him the next time I saw him. After liking it so much, I certainly wasn’t going to shove it in a drawer. But I didn’t get to tell him, because just like he reads my blog, turns out that when I mentioned in passing (a few times) that I had a twitter, he actually looked at it periodically. This is what I get for assuming he doesn’t care.

So I committed a few big “no-nos” but let me tell you a little something about Sir.

He finds me highly amusing sometimes–sort of like a wild jungle cat (really a kitten playing in the garden) who is amusing to study. I don’t mean this in a negative way toward either of us, but in our dynamic, he is definitely the predator and I’m just traipsing through. Though—well. More on that later.

So I had no idea he knew about the toy until five days after my trial run. He finally confronted me about it with more than a hint of amusement in his voice. He chided me gently about depriving him of getting to be there for the first use. When it came out that I had orgasmed while texting him without A) asking permission and B) telling him he realllllly laid it on thick and then laughed at me. Consider the verbal banter a lighthearted slap on the wrist. He wasn’t really serious and certainly wasn’t mad or disappointed.

“There will still be a fun/pun-ishment for this, little girl,” he said.

The next time we were together, I happened to have house guests. It was late at night and sequestered in my room, he made me show him the Wahl and the only attachment I used–clearly the best one, he agreed. Though make no mistake, he would become a fan of the “Power Disc (see above)” too. I begged off of the spanking (which would come later) because of the house guests. Though he very nearly didn’t give a fuck, because (and I FIND THIS UNBELIEVABLY HOT) he doesn’t care who knows or how embarrassed I get.

He made me tell him the narrative again. The why and the how and the how long. When he didn’t like my answers he pinched my nipples in lieu of spanking me (allowing me my modesty).

“Tell me, has your discipline been lacking? Have I been neglecting you, is that what I’ve been doing?”

“Noooo, daddy.”

“No? Then whatever else could I have wrong, hmm? That you didn’t feel you had to tell me?” he clucked his tongue. “What am I to do with you?”

“I don’t know, daddy.”

“You are going to get a sound spanking. But tonight I think we’re going to figure out just how much more you like this toy over your other ones.”

“But it’s so loud and there are guests… please, don’t make me.”

“I don’t care, Fatal. You’ll just have to suffer the embarrassment. This is part of your punishment for trying to…” he chuckled. “Sneak this past me.”

I protested. Mainly because I would be horrified if I had to explain what the power tool noise coming out of my bedroom was.

“Fatal, girl… my little Pooh… you must have some sort of punishment. And besides, I know what a little slut you are, the danger will just make it so much better for you. And don’t try to deny it.”

Quite graciously, he let me perch on top of the Wahl and ride it to help me muffle the sound while I edged. In spite of being very useful for that purpose, riding the Wahl made my edging that much harder.

He began slow, letting me use the Wahl on its lowest setting. Even still, after only a few moments, I had to beg for relief. He let me lift my hips long enough to ease the building pressure, and then I had to get back on. I explained to him why I was bad. What I had done wrong. Why I was wrong. I told him I wanted to be a good girl. I told him I was sorry, I didn’t want to be a bad girl. I begged for relief. He granted it. The pressure eased. I sat back down.

“How much of this can you handle, Pooh?”

“I don’t know.”

“Are you sorry for keeping this from me?”

“I’m very sorry I kept this from you.”

He reiterated one more time that he wasn’t angry or disappointed. He was amused, but I needed to be disciplined. I knew, I said. And he made me turn the Wahl on high.

The Wahl on high with the pin-point attachment isn’t something I can describe. I must have (nearly) screamed to be let up, that I was going to come, three or four times in as many minutes. Each time, I was only allowed up for a moment before pressing my clit back down against the toy.

“Should I let you come, baby?”


“Why not?”

“Because I don’t deserve to come. Because I’ve been a bad girl. And bad girls don’t deserve it.”

Even when I’m in trouble… I love to watch his face, his reactions. Disciplining me in this way turns him on immensely. He loves it when I honestly know my place, without prompting from him, when I understand that my body is his.

One time I cried… tears flowing openly, mostly at the lack of control I felt. My control is so strong… my body so trained… but edging with the Wahl is a new challenge. I cried and I asked him to let me ease up off of the toy. He counted down an extra ten seconds.

“Get up,” he said firmly, as I felt my orgasm push nearly off of the edge.

That one exhausted me. But he wasn’t done. He’s never done. He always wants more. He always wants to push me harder. I am always a willing victim.

“One last time, baby, get down on the toy.”

He stroked his cock while I shuddered and trembled atop the Wahl, talking to him the whole time. He worked himself while I told him what I needed (him), while I told him how sorry I was (very), while I told him what I deserved (nothing).

“Do you want to come now, baby?” he asked.

“I don’t deserve it.”

“You don’t… but I am a good Sir… and I might let you if you really want it.”

“I don’t want it. I’ve been bad… and I don’t deserve it,” I squirmed atop the toy and blinked away my tears. “I don’t want to come, Daddy,” I whispered.

“Good girl,” he muttered as he came.

“Get off of the toy,” he said.

“What have we learned?” he asked.

“I shouldn’t hide things from you.”

“You shouldn’t.”

“I should ask you or tell you what I need or want.”

“You should.”

He smiled and made me a promise: I was owed a spanking and I would get one.

Because even if I’m not really in trouble, there’s still a lesson to be learned.

Power Play at the Ballet (For Sir)

“I’ve been thinking, maybe we should go see a show? Opera maybe… or is the ballet in town?”

She smiled, “The opera is featuring Don Giovanni from the Mozart cycle, but the ballet is in town… Swan Lake.”

“Tough choice,” he said, clucking his tongue. “Though I was always a fan of Swan Lake…”

Joy bubbled up inside of her at his words.

“Swan Lake is my favorite, dear… so unless you really want to see Don Gio…”

He shook his head.

“Swan Lake it is, we’ll catch the opera some other time.”

“Oh, get tickets soon, won’t you dear? They’ll go fast.”

“I’ll pick them up tomorrow during lunch,” he smiled and took another swig of his drink. Continue reading

Fatal’s First Time (with a Hitachi)

It seems I’ve gone and got myself a Hitachi magic wand. I’ve been frittering about for a year now, trying to decide if I want one, if it is for me, if I’d enjoy it, if it’s worth it—well, it seems I’ve taken the dive.

I wish I could share with you, adequately, the exultation and pure glee that resonated in Sir’s voice when I was showing/telling him about the Hitachi.

“You’re in sooooo much trouble,” he said. Continue reading