Fatal’s First Time (with a Hitachi)

It seems I’ve gone and got myself a Hitachi magic wand. I’ve been frittering about for a year now, trying to decide if I want one, if it is for me, if I’d enjoy it, if it’s worth it—well, it seems I’ve taken the dive.

I wish I could share with you, adequately, the exultation and pure glee that resonated in Sir’s voice when I was showing/telling him about the Hitachi.

“You’re in sooooo much trouble,” he said.

Among other things, he waxed thoughtfully about forced orgasms and such. I always have mixed emotions when he gets into this sort of frenzy, equal parts fear and arousal, for sure.

“Why don’t you try it out?”

I blushed and squeaked.




“Just quickly, only ten seconds, I promise.”

“Do you really promise?”

“I’ll even count it out,” he said reassuringly.

“Can it be the low setting?”

“Well, since it’s only ten seconds, I don’t see why we can’t do high.”


I laid back on the bed and maneuvered the head of the Hitachi against my clit, over my panties. I turned it on.

If you have a Hitachi, I’m sure you’ll appreciate what the first moment feels like, without me trying to put it into words. It is ridiculously loud and comically large, so much that I thought these things would immediately turn me off. I was wrong, of course, as I often am when I try to be a know it all.

The intensity of the vibration nearly made me squirm into a little ball. I could feel it all the way up my arm, and it was so pleasant that it bordered on pain. His steady voice, counting up to ten was not a comfort between my moans and heavy breathing. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be over or for it to continue. But I wanted mercy, mercy for my poor body.

“6…7…8…9…” he grinned. “9…9…10.”

I immediately turned off the wand and dropped it to the bed.

“You said 10 seconds, not 12!” I shouted.

“I counted to ten.”

He’s a bastard sometimes, and I can see it, hear it–oh so pleased with himself.

“Try it against your tits, just against your nipples.”

I do. It makes my nipples rock hard, and edges the line between tickling and feeling good, buzzy and heavy.

“Put it back against your clit, you can start on low.”

It usually takes a) a lot more effort for me to have a clitoral orgasm and b) is not nearly as pleasurable to me as a penetrative orgasm is.

The magic of the Hitachi is that it doesn’t care about those things. I had three orgasms, full-blown orgasms right after the other, all the while, whining to Sir about how intense the experience was, crying for his cock and some relief from the wonderful, monstrous thing between my thighs.

I climbed onto my hands and knees with the Hitachi still pressed against my clit.

“You want my cock, baby?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I cooed and whimpered.

“Turn it up to high.”

I did and he peeled my panties aside slid himself inside of my pussy, so easily, because of how sopping wet I was. The first earth shattering orgasm, or, well, the fourth, really, came quickly, within only a few moments, it seemed. I was panting so heavily, tears were running down my cheeks as he pumped away against me and I rode the Hitachi.

“I’m gonna come again,” I wailed, amazed and a little frightened at how big the orgasm was, rising inside of me once more.

“This time,” he growled into my ear, “say my name when you come. I want everyone to know.”

“Please, please, please,” I cried out my mantra.

“Yes,” he uttered.

I squeezed up tight around him once more and let the orgasm crash through me. My tight, wet body brought him to his own climax and I cried and whispered and screamed and panted his name as my orgasm rode me.

When it was all over I shuddered beneath him, still grinding my hips against the magic wand.

“Oh, do you want to keep going?” he whispered.

“Noooo, no, no.”

I turned off the toy and maneuvered it away from me. I came five times in under thirty minutes. I was spent. Exhausted, really, from the climb of ever more pleasurable orgasms. He was ecstatic. I told him I didn’t think I could use the Hitachi without him. Too intense, and forcing orgasms on yourself is not nearly as fun as having them forced upon you.

In other words, I give the Wand two thumbs way up.

49 responses to “Fatal’s First Time (with a Hitachi)

  1. Haha! I can’t have more than 3 with TN with the Hitachi or else I will surely die. The most I’ve EVER done in my entire life is 7 (in an hour or so?) and my clit hurt for 3 days afterwards.

    Welcome to the Wand Club!! xx Hy

  2. I don’t have a Hitachi…I’m afraid the vibration might make my teeth fall out! 😉 Or rattle my swollen brain.


    PS: Go Go Lelo! I may give myself Carpel Tunnel Syndrome with it, but it’s well worth it.

  3. Try the glass inside, and press the Hitachi down over your clit… Not direct contact, just… There.

    I promise you’ll thank me for it.

    Or perhaps you’ll thank Him for it. 😉

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    • Haha pretty much. Though, I’ve got a post coming soon about how I think I may have found something better than the Hitachi! Crazy, right?


  34. Mmmm, that’s a seriously hot story!
    What is it about Hitachi’s, huh?
    About 20 years ago I gave one to my sister for her birthday, as a massage device. I honestly had no idea (then) what women really used them for. I don’t know if she did either, but she certainly never said anything.

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